Edlington & Warmsworth

Elise Butler

ELSIE BUTLER, is one of Doncaster's most experienced councillors.  She was first elected to serve this ward in 2006; and re-elected with a record vote in 2010.

Elsie has been a fierce campaigner for the new health centre; and for the new housing off Broomhouse Lane - the Yew Gardens estate. She has been a volunteer at the Martinwells Lake from the start of the project.  In 2012, Eslie secured a new bus shelter at the top of Markham Road. 

"I love being a Labour councillor in this ward.  People respect honesty and hard-work; and I'm determined to work with our councillors, our new Mayor and Caroline Flint to stop the Tory Govenrment doing more damage to our community."

To contact Elise Butler: ring 01302 832206

email elsiebutler10@gmail.com  Follow Elsie on Twitter @ClrElsie



Bob Johnson

BOB JOHNSON, was elected as your Labour councillor in May 2011.  In May 2013, Bob was appointed by Mayor Rios Jones as Cabinet Member for Regeneration, Toursim, Culture, Leisure, and Veteran's Champion. 

BOB JOHNSON trained as an apprentice engineer at the Steelworks, joining the Army (Royal Engineers) during the decimation of the steel industry. He now runs a property and management business.  He has a passion for skills and has developed a Youth Build Trust and a number of apprenticeship and skills programmes - helping young people get job skills.  Bob lives in Braithwell with his wife Gladys.

Bob believes that Labour can help Doncaster to generate new jobs and apprenticeships, even withy little help from the present Government. 

To contact Bob Johnson ring: 07879 118760

email: bob.johnson@doncaster.gov.uk   Follow Bob on Twitter @CLLRBobJ


Phil ColePHIL COLE was elected as your Labour councillor for Edlington, Warmsworth and Conisbrough in May 2012.

Phil Cole, is best known as Caroline Flint's husband and office manager.

Phil has run Caroline's parliamentary constituency office for the past 15 years. He has been active in the Labour Party for over 30 years.  After working as a parliamentary researcher, he worked as a full time Labour organiser and then regional officer before becoming Head of Parliamentary Affairs for the RSPCA; and then worked for a successful public relations firm in London.

Phil lives in Sprotbrough village with Caroline and their RSPCA rescue dog, Joey. 

"I'm proud to be elected as councillor for Edlington, Warmsworth & Conisbrough.  I live nearby and working for Caroline and with our first rate councillors, I know the ward and many of the people activie in the community here. 

"I'm really proud of what Labour has achieved in this ward: our secondary school, the Sir Thomas Wharton Communuity College, and the Martinwells health centre and library, were built by Labour.  And Conisbrough has the new StoneCross Health Centre, thanks to Labour.  There is new housing underway because of Labour; and crime is down thanks to more police and better policing, with more powers.  We have to thank Caroline Flint and the Labour Government for that. Now I'm determined to stand up against the severe police cuts; and the closure of Warmsworth library by the Mayor and his Tory-led Cabinet.  Cutting so far and so fast is bad for our community and it's clear that the Mayor and his Cabinet won't stand up for local people.  I will."

To contact Phil Cole: m 07552 630700;  email: phil.cole@doncaster.gov.uk

Follow Phil on Twitter @PhilColeLabour



 Bob Elsie Caroline Coffee and ChatCoffee & Chat 








Warmsworth Library update: Labour won a stay of execution for Doncaster's libraries.  The Mayor was forced to agree to keep them open for 12 months, to look at options. Warmsworth library finally lost its last staff member in March 2012 and a lease was agreed for it to be community run.  Labour councillors ensured that Doncaster council's budget includes a "Library contingency fund" to provide support workers should any community-led library fail.

Martinwells Ctre opening

Left:  Elsie and Caroline Flint welcome the opening of the £6 million Martinwells Centre - the new health centre and library.



Right: Elsie campaigning to save Warmsworth Library - a closure decided by Mayor Davies and his Tory cabinet.

Warms Library murder



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